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5 Quick Tips To Clean Your Block Paving Driveways In Guildford

Do you have block paving driveways? Looking for ways to maintain it for a prolonged usage? Its time you know how to clean a block paving driveway properly then!

While some may advise you to try various DIY hacks, it’s always better if you avail advice from professionals. With the right cleaning, not only can you be assured of its great curb appeal but even keep the paving structurally sound. Regular maintenance of your block paving ensures that it does not sink and remain strong. Further, with the right approach, you can even keep the paving free from weed and moss!

Wondering how to maintain your driveways for a long-lasting appeal? Simply scroll down below to get the essential tips!

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Tips To Clean Your Old And New Block Paving Driveways In Guildford

1.Remove all pots and furniture from the surface
Before you start cleaning your driveways, consider removing any furniture or pots that you have placed on your block paving. This will help you to do away with any dirty marks left on the driveway, in case you decide to move them at a later date.

2.Brush the surface to remove any loose dirt
Take a stiff broom to remove any loose material from the surface of your block-paving. Focus on the corners and areas which are difficult to reach like water drains and water pipes. Remember, you should not remove excessive sand while brushing.

3.Eradicate weeds and moss from your block paving
Once you have brushed your paving, you will be able to determine if it requires a weed killer. While applying it, try to abide by the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow the weeds to dry for a few days and once the moss turns brown and weeds start wilting, you can clean your driveways in Guildford.

Clean driveways in Guildford

4.Wash your driveway with soapy water or a specialist cleaner
To lift the dirt from the surface, you can apply a cleaning product or soapy water onto the surface of your paving. Scrub it with a broom so that the liquid can reach areas in between the joints. Once you have brushed the solution, rinse it thoroughly with clean water.

5.Treat the oil stains with an oil remover
You can even treat the oil stains on your block-paving separately with oil remover. Scrub it vigorously and rinse with hot soapy water. This will either remove or disguise the oil stains.

So what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with driveway installers to know more about block paving!