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7 Key Points To Consider Before Constructing Driveways In Farnborough

First impression matters and your driveway is greatly responsible for creating that first impression on your guests. A concrete structure not only looks good for years but maintaining them is comparatively easier. Since it is the first think greeting your guests visiting you, be wise while installing driveways for your residence.

Constructing Driveways In Farnborough? 7 Cool Tips For You

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• Place Joints Correctly

To keep the issue of random cracking at bay, place the control joints with a maximum gap of 10 feet in between. Though random cracks are not actually a structural issue or affect the service life of the product, they reduce its beauty quotient. Joint pattern producing triangular or rectangular sections should better be avoided.

• Prepare The Subgrade Properly

Maintain uniformity while preparing the subgrade. To get adequate support mix the soil composition and compaction uniformly as that prevents the slab from settling and maintain its thickness. Remove soft spots and replace with good material like crushed rock or gravel. Use rammers and vibratory plate compactors to prepare subgrade for a residential project.

• Conduct Proper Finishing

The most common mistake contractors do while constructing the structure is they tend to overwork the surface and do the finishing operation while the bleed water is still present. It is advisable not to use a steel trowel for the final finish as it prevents the bleed water from evaporating by sealing the surface prematurely.

• Look After The Drainage

It’s vital to construct the structure in such a way that it prevents stagnation of water. Slope it away from the other vital structure within your residence and towards the street. If the driveway is not installed properly, you will have to install a drain for collecting the water and divert it away.

• Reinforcement Matters

Make use of steel reinforcement to offer the extra structural capacity to your driveway when used for heavy traffic. Though they can’t prevent cracks but help to keep the cracks together. Use blocks below the reinforcement and keeps the centre in the concrete. Using synthetic fiber is helpful as they help to lessen the shrinkage cracks.

• Check The Thickness

The capacity of your driveways in Farnborough is largely dependent on the thickness of the structure. It should be having a minimum thickness of 4 inches. Increasing it to 5 inches will enhance the cost of concrete but will boost its load carrying capacity. An increase in its thickness also offers the extra structural support.

• Cure The Concrete Immediately

After the finishing is done, make sure to cure the concrete immediately. Curing it is treated to be the final step involved in the process and its importance is immense. Still, contractors neglect it often. Doing so reduces the strength and resistance power of the concrete. The structure also becomes more prone to surface defects.

This being said it’s time to look for a reliable company offering the service at an affordable price.